Are you afraid of soy?

Soy is a great food, specially for vegetarians or vegans since its a terrific replacement for animal protein, nonetheless we are being bombarded with myths and disadvantages of soy. Most of them aren’t true, so we don’t recommend you from eliminating soy from your diets because of fear.

Adding soy based foods to your diet, like tofu, edamame, soy drinks, are all excellent ways to get proteins, iron, calcium, and healthy fats. So, why are people afraid? Because all these products contain isoflavones, that work in a similar way to estrogens. Nonetheless, people have attached themselves to the notion that soy affects hormone levels very abruptly and therefore should be removed from people’s diets.

According to the most current research on soy:

• Men’s levels of testosterone are not reduced by soy.

• For women, soy does not have hormonal effects.

• Soy does not increase the risk of breast cancer for women, it can actually decrease its chances.

• Not all soy is genetically modified, like the rest of foods, it can be grown organically, or genetically modified, you simply have to observe the labels of the soy.

• In people with hypothyroidism, they have to simply be moderate with their consumption of soy, just like they should with other foods, which means they shouldn’t eliminate them completely, simply to consume with measure.

Knowing this, we recommend you not to stop consuming soy for fears, if you are sensitive, intolerant, or you don’t like it, you don’t have to include it in your diet either. Though if you opt for a vegetarian or vegan diet, take advantage of its many properties and advantages, benefits, and nutritional values.