Benefits of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a very good option to give an extra punch of flavor to foods. Today we will share its benefits as well.

In a study that was developed by The American Journal of Medicine, with over 60 people with type 2 diabetes, it was revealed that ingesting anywhere from 1,3 to 6 grams of cinnamon a day during a period of 40 days, reduced their level of glucose in the blood by 18-29% (which means their cells were responding better to insulin).

It concluded that cinnamon helps reduce glycemic (sugar), while fasting. Another analysis concluded that consuming cinnamon can help reduce the levels of cholesterol (LDL) in the blood and triglycerides. For further information, 3 grams is approximately the size of a teaspoon.

Therefore, cinnamon improves our health and is delicious. Have one teaspoon a day to regulate your sugar levels in your blood and improve your health.