Coffee – Is it good or bad for you?

Let’s begin by saying there truly is no food that is inherently good or bad by nature, we have already mentioned several times that moderation while consuming foods is the most important.

The main component of coffee is caffeine, which stimulates the nervous system, by improving its state of alert. For example, when a person is going to drive during the night time, or for long working sessions, or to activate in the morning and after working out specially, caffeine reduces the sensation of fatigue.

It’s important to know that the caffeine that is found in coffee is also a gastrointestinal stimulant, increasing the contractions that move the contents of the intestine, and this can cause diarrhea in some people or constipation in others.

If you suffer from anxiety, or you are constantly nervous, you suffer insomnia, or you are way too active, maybe you shouldn’t consume coffee, let’s remember that not everybody digests foods or drinks in the same way, so whether coffee is good or bad, completely depends on how sensitive you are or you aren’t to it.