Do you know if your body digests all of the foods you consume?

Foods are present throughout the whole day, be it as a breakfast, lunch, dinner, or because we are celebrating, we were invited, we’re going to watch a movie, or a relative’s birthday is taking place. Many of the dynamics of humans, are built around food, and have you ever asked yourself if everything you are eating is being digested by your body?

Sometimes we assume that our body has the capacity of digesting, assimilating, and using all the foods we consume, but the reality is that every body is different, and every metabolism has a different rhythm so for every person what a healthy nutrition means depends entirely on what their body digests well.

We encourage you to answer the following questions:

• Do you feel any food is heavy on your body?
• Do you feel bloated after eating?
• Do you suffer of gastritis, reflux, diarrhea, or constipation?
• Do you feel stuck in your current weight?
• Do you feel low energy during the day even if you sleep up to 8 hours a day?
• Do you regularly have headaches?

If you answered yes to 2 or more of these questions, then you might be suffering from the symptoms of food sensitivity. We will help you find which of these foods you should avoid in order for you to feel better, reach the results you have desired, and have a better health.