Emotions and nutrition

Emotions lead us to make choices over the way we eat, what, when, and how much to wat, hence it is very importante to identify the moments in which you are emotionally hungry, because by doing so you will be able to take control of your emotions and what really is happening to you and not wanting to cover it with food.

It is also true that foods lead us to feel emotions and that according to what we eat or the way in which we do it, makes us feel in different ways.

As you can see, we are beings that are not composed by separated parts, we are a unity, unfolding in the fact that whatever we do with our bodies has an emotional consequence in our lives, in the ways we feel. What we think affects our body and health and how are bodies are (ups and lows of energy), consequently making us choose what we eat. Finally everything is all connected.

The world of emotions and foods is enormous, we will be exploring different emotions, though for now a great exercise for you to do next time you eat, is ask yourself: why am I going to eat? Am I hungry, anxious, craving, etc? This really starts to make a great difference in the perception you have and the consciousness you have while eating.