Nutrition Labels – I

Every day we encounter a sizable variety of processed and packaged foods, and it is crucial to know exactly what the labels and tags mean to properly understand what is included in them.

Many times we buy products without understanding what the nutritional contents are and thus it’s crucial to learn how to read the labels so we are better informed to buy the right products and not be misled.

The nutritional labels are those which inform the consumer about all the ingredients and nutrients in a product. You will always find the Nutrition Facts which refers to the amount of caloric and nutrient content, the List of Ingredients and any additional information such as if the food has been modified or fortified.

Let’s start with the Nutrition Facts table which is usually found on the back of the package. In this table you will find all relevant information in regards to nutrient contributions and in order to better understand it, we will divide it in 5 sections as shown in the image below: