The relationship between emotions and food

Sadness is a basic emotion that every human has felt, and just like any other emotion it can bring us a message, when we feel it maybe it is because we are judging that we are losing something and that by losing something that we care about, a gap appears within.

It is common for humans to try to feel their gaps with something. Some people try to fill it with cigarettes, drugs, or alcohol, and in many of our patients, we have seen this gap tried to be filled up with food. We have often heard comments like: “When I’m sad, I want to eat an ice cream”, “in my sad days, I pamper myself, eating something I really like a lot”. This can become an endless cycle where we feel sadness – eat to fill the gap – and then feel guilty and sad once again, for being a part of this dynamic.

For this reason, it is importante to know which are your eating dynamics that are related to your emotions, so you can start to generate changes that bring you more wellness and overall health.